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Kirk Shivell


An Unabashed Intensity


Kirk Shivell has always been an “East Coast Boy” until now.  He has arrived in California  with a focus and drive that exemplifies everything he does.  His path to California has everything to do with his band.


As long as he can remember, Kirk has been around the influence of music.  Through his parents, he was exposed to all genres, particularly jazz and especially 80s rock.  That is where the love affair with music began, but there is so much more about Kirk’s past that has propelled him into an extraordinarily-talented group of music-writing, hard-hitting, head bangin’ brothers, together known as D15.


If anyone can set a goal and accomplish it…

it is Kirk Shivell.  

Kirk Shivell



Athleticism, the outdoors and leadership abound in his experiences throughout his life.  He excelled in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts; and he broke the mold as a long-haired, heavy metal, earring-wearing, competition-winning Eagle Scout!  However, his leadership style trumped his “unconventional” style, and he was awarded with the Brotherhood rank in the Order of the Arrow for best exemplifying the ideals of the Scouts.  He also became a lifeguard and worked in the Adventure Program with the YMCA.  He taught climbing and kayaking where he would work with troubled teens and helped people develop the confidence to push through their fears and perceived limits.  So, if you ever get lost in the woods or need the guidance to put you back on track, you want to be with Kirk Shivell!


Kirk made the transition from listening to music to performing as he saw his friends pick up guitars.  Wanting to be part of making music, he decided to fill an apparent void and chose the bass guitar.  It’s just like Kirk to provide the bottom that would support the rest of the band.  And once he experienced, first-hand, the energy and power of metal music, he knew where he wanted to go with his skills.


So, it was time to form a band.  We all don’t get so lucky as Kirk did when he met the first and last drummer he would work with, Craig Schlotterback.  They had the same drive for metal and the same senses of humor (we have officially warned the world!)  They have never looked back…but they did look forward.  They began writing music in their mid-teens; and, eventually, their paths crossed those of John and Joe Craciun.  All four had a mutual respect for each other’s talents; so, it was inevitable that the four of them would collaborate.  That collaboration resulted in an anthem that has described their bond ever since…Trash Pact; a dedication to having each others’ backs. 


With their newfound enthusiasm for “rocking” the world, Kirk credits Kelly Shaefer (Atheist, Neurotica) for great advice that felt like a kick in the ass.  It was then that the four band members committed to stay their course with one another and marked that moment as the official launch for D15.  They enjoyed lots of stage time and lots of fan time.  Then, more good fortune…Paul O’Neil of Trans Siberian Orchestra gave them a full-day recording session at the studio.  They were on their way!  They toured the Southeast coast and began to expand their vision – geographically and business-wise.  It was time to take a deep breath and plan.


John and Joe headed to Alaska for a year while Kirk and Craig remained in Florida.  All 4 were dedicating that time solely for preparations of heading west…to the Bay area in California where the music scene is always as vibrant as the weather!


It wasn’t easy saying goodbye, knowing that they would not have the valued interaction and musical comradery for an entire year, but they had a pact.  And Kirk, after all, is still a take-charge guy.  His leadership and organizational skills bode well for his “brothers” in D15.  In preparation for their reunion, he helped to procure a residence on the West Coast, kept the image of D15 alive through social media, and laid the foundation for the remainder of his band mates to arrive at their new home.


California has now welcomed the members of D15.  Next…the world will be opening its arms!!  “Knowing that your deepest dreams of life are shared with your 3 best friends is what drives and inspires me.”  That is the D15 Mentality!!

More About Kirk...

Favorite color is blue and favorite food is sushi and hot wings.


He loves Metallica, Quentin Tarantino, his Yamaha VMAX and looks to Warwick bass company. 



If you think his time with the outdoors is over, think again.  Kirk has set another goal…to climb Mount Everest by the age of 35.  Knowing Kirk, we will see video and photos of him waving a D15 flag from the tallest peak in the world!