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Craig has always remembered music thriving in his home; great rock music that his parents used to share, woodwinds, pianos, brass, drums, singing and his father tapping to music.  Without it, life would be deafeningly silent.  Ironically, the drums disappeared before he really understood what they were all about.  He was encouraged to pick up instruments and play.  Then, while jamming a piano with a friend on the drums, he wanted to learn. The intricacies of the beat and tones seemed like “sorcery” to him.  It resonated, literally and figuratively.  He immediately felt a connection, his first step toward a real musical connection.





You know that your parents are supportive when they actually buy you a drum kit.  Then lessons followed.  Even though Craig’s learning curve with the drums was overcome more quickly than most, his enthusiasm became accentuated when he discovered metal.


In the meantime, he was engaged in typical athletic activities; soccer, skateboarding and football.  Another irony in Craig’s life is that he would play football as a QB and his receiver just happened to be John Craciun.  It seems the deck was a little too stacked since no one could compete with them unless the coach stepped in for the opposing team.  Destiny was giving them a glimpse of what was to be.  The kind of teamwork that is just unbeatable.


Destiny seemed to accelerate when Kirk Shivell entered Craig’s life.  A simple jam to play music together, and they never parted ways.  It wasn’t just Kirk’s remarkably compatible personality.  It was the way he played; the way Craig envisioned it and the way that kindred fire and energy resonated with him.  It was like they knew each other before they met…it was “inevitable.”  Kirk felt it, too.  He recognized that they were the consummate rhythm section.

Craig was hungry to play the type of music that so inspired him.  He wanted a heavy, hard-hitting and intense experience.  At least he had already found one of his “brothers” on the bass.  Craig and Kirk spent time in and out of bands, but they were always together.  They had an admiration for a couple of brothers who played guitars in another band.  It so happened that Craig’s receiver, John, (and his twin brother) had another kind of talent that a winning team would need.  They both played “heavy” guitars…just the complement to Craig’s precision machine gun drum playing and Kirk’s unabashed intensity with the bass.  Craig set things in motion, insisting that they needed to collaborate.  Eventually, destiny again stepped in and opened up the opportunity for all four to face each other and say “This is it.”

They had co-written a track that defined who they were and what they would remain…it was a pact.  When they were eventually challenged to determine their destiny by professionals, they chose each other.


It didn’t seem to be just the music that fulfilled Craig.  The whole experience with D15 (named after the rehearsal unit they rented) bolstered Craig’s confidence.  His passion and his vision pushed the talent of four young men together in a way that would change not only their lives, but those around them and their fans.

Craig will tell you that his “dream has come true.”  Others will tell you that he created the dream that D15 is living today.

More About Craig...

Drumset:  ddrum duo-fade series


Cymbals: Sabian AAX


Favorite Band: Hard to say at this point, but Metallica and Van Halen were first to change my young life. almost all Hard/classic rock, heavy metal in general


Favorite Food:  Eggs (like you care)


Sticks:  Vater LA 5A’s


Favorite Drummer:  Alex Van Halen, all drummers are badasses

A soundbite from Craig...