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The D15 Mentality

Give me my 3 brothers on stage, start the count and let us take the fans into our world.  We put it all out there and leave nothing behind.  


Mentality; what a real man should be, apart from what he is in reality, a life founded on man's true ability, to domain, sustain and question what it is that's claimed, to step aside, step ahead.....to regain.


Kirk Shivell has always been an “East Coast Boy” until now.  He has arrived in California (with his band mates) with a focus and drive that exemplifies everything he does.  His path to California has everything to do with his band.

John Craciun
Lead Guitar

John Craciun has a love affair with music, and he is “willing to do anything for a deeper connection.”   End of story.  But the beginning of his story is much more complex.  John, and his twin brother, Joe, are the offspring of a “fiery” Colombian mother and an Italian/Romanian father. 

Even geneticists couldn’t come up with a

more beautiful combination of DNA.

        Lead Vocals
       Rhythm guitar

Even though Joe Craciun spent 12 years of his life in a nomadic existence with his family, he feels fortunate.  Wherever his family was, that was home; geography was a lesser factor.  Equally important was the presence of his twin brother, John, who he often describes as his “sun” around whom Joe felt he was “the earth orbiting 365 days a year.”  


Craig Schlotterback believes in a lot of things…especially destiny.  Some might even say he causes destiny.

Craig has always remembered music thriving in his home; great rock music that his parents used to share, woodwinds, pianos, brass, drums, singing and his father tapping to music.  Without it, life would be deafeningly silent.  


Behind the Scenes